Visara 3074


Cca 3074

Visara 3074

A channel attached Console Appliance providing secure local and remote console solutions for IBM Mainframe processors. The CCA-3074 can also act as a console access backup when OSA-ICC access failures make TN3270 and HMC consoles unavailable.

Key Features
Functional Replacement for Visara 22L & 25L SCON Controllers and IBM 3174 & 2074 Console Controllers
FICON Host Connectivity
OSA-ICC Network access backup
Secure Ethernet Connected Console Sessions
Direct attached console support
Coax device support via a locally attached coax subsystem
Web-based configuration

Expanding the Enterprise
Data center consolidations, mergers and acquisitions, and disaster recovery sites demand a flexible and reliable console product capable of expanding along with business growth. The CCA-3074 is designed to be that product, providing support for up to 64 CUIs (LPARs) and 1024 sessions spread across multiple CPUs in multiple locations. Capable of access and management from anywhere in the world, the CCA-3074 offers a dynamic solution for your enterprise.

Powerful Features
The CCA-3074 comes standard with two 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet interfaces.The CCA-3074 can be equipped with one of two different FICON interface adapters: a single port FICON channel interface adapter or a dual port FICON adapter providing two independent FICON interfaces. Each interface on a FICON adapter is
capable of supporting up to 16 CU images (LPARs) and 256 sub-channels (sessions). The FICON interfaces auto-negotiate 2.125 Gbps, 4.25 Gbps, or 8.5 Gbps clock rates with the attaching host interface for maximum throughput.Using the CCA-3074's Hot Session capability, a console session can be configured to remain active to the host whether a real console is connected or not. A console device can be attached at any time without the need to vary the console session active. With the flexibility of local and remote access, console operators can roam within the campus or simply shut off a console and then reconnect it when arriving at a remote location. Session sharing provides the ability for multiple users to share the same console session, allowing local and remote monitoring and management of all console activities, including NIP consoles. This unique feature provides a solution to the 99 MCS console limitation of Sysplex systems and supports takeover for disaster recovery.TN3270 Console Buffering enhances console operation by reducing LAN traffic, eliminating timeout problems due to slow networks or client response time, and eliminating the need for the client to perform the Non-SNA Command Chaining. Virtually any TN3270 client can perform console operations.

Multiple levels of security are provided for client connections including connection password, user ID/password, IP address filtering, and configurable TCP port assignments. SSL encryption support is configurable for all TN3270 client connections, providing encryption from the desktop to the glass house. This or a VPN connection is recommended for remote access across the Internet. Scalable Solutions When used as a 3174 replacement, a pair of CCA-3074s can replace an entire farm of 3174/3274 controllers, providing complete redundancy for as many as 64 LPARs and 1024 consoles (many more when using the Session Sharing feature). If traditional legacy coax connections are a requirement to support consoles, coax printers or STK LMUs, the CCA-3074 can be expanded using the Visara CSS32. The CSS32 is a locally attached subsystem that supports a mix of up to 32 coax devices. The CSS32 is a table top or rack mountable appliance designed to support console infrastructures with mixed console types. OSA-ICC Backup The CCA-3074 can provide console sessions without a network connection for times when the network providing TN3270 access to the OSA-ICC is down. Normally console sessions will roll to an alternate console or to the HMC when the primary console is not available, but if all consoles and the HMC are on the network and the network is down, those console sessions can be run from the CCA-3074 through directly attached clients.

Interface Included LPARsAdditional
Single FICON 4
Dual FICON12
Two Single FICON8
Two Dual FICON 24

Base System
- Cabinet: 19 2U rack mountable server
- Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 8400 3+ GHz
- Drives: Dual SATA fixed drives operating in RAID 1 mirroring
- Power Supplies: Redundant Hot Swappable dual power supplies supports Dual Power Cord Initiative
- System cooling: Four Hot-swappable internal logic fans
- Host Interface: None in base unit, see Optional Hardware
- Client Interfaces: Two 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet interfaces with RJ45 connectors
- Expansion slots: Six PCI-Express slots
- Media: Slim CD/DVD Writer supporting program upgrades and full system back ups.

Optional Hardware - Host (Upstream) Interfaces
- Single Port FICON adapter, provides one full function 8 Gbps FICON interface (1 or 2)
- Dual Port FICON adapter, provides two full function independent 8 Gbps FICON interfaces (1 or 2)
- At least one host interface must be installed
- Six PCI-Express slots are available to support one PCI-Express FICON adapter

Optional Hardware - Client (Downstream) Interfaces
- Dual Ethernet Adapter, provides four additional 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet interfaces (two per

Optional CU Image (LPAR) Activation Keys
FICON interface adapters come standard with a limited number of active CU Images (LPARs). The number of active CUIs (LPARs) can be increased to 16 for each interface installed by adding LPAR Activation Keys, each supporting four additional LPARs.

- 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
- 50 degree to 95 degree F (10 to 35 degree C)

Operating temperature
- 8% to 90% Relative Humidity Non condensing

Agency Certification
- Safety:
USA/Canadian: UL 60 950, CSA 60 950
European Union: EN 60 950
International: IEC 60 950
- EMC-Emissions:
USA: Title 47 CFR, Part 15
European Union: EN55022: 1994
International: CISPR 22

- One Year On-Site: 9/5 Same Day 8 hr Response is standard Service level may be upgraded at time of purchase
- Extended hardware and software maintenance programs available