Perle 594e Controller


PERLE 594e

The Perle 594e is the first and only Network Controller designed to support your remote Twinax and SNA 5250 connectivity needs and offer integrated IP routing and network computer (NC) Proxy Boot Server capabilities for IP devices.This unique blend of features comes in a single, integrated, cost-effective platform.

As an AS/400 user, you will be able to implement a Perle 594e for SNA 5250 connectivity today and then, as needed, integrate IP devices, NCs and other thin clients into your traditional SNA (Twinax and LAN workstations) environment, without the need to buy additional routers, FRADs or network computer servers.

Main Networking Features

The Ideal Solution for Heterogeneous Protocol Environments
- The high functionality of the Perle 594e provides flexibility unmatched by any other controller, including the IBM 5494, giving your remote AS/400 users access to all network resources, regardless of the type of device or connection.

The Perle 594e supports SDLC, X.25, X.21, SNA or TCP/IP over Frame Relay,TCP/IP over Twinax, Ethernet and Token-Ring connections and Token-Ring bridging.

IP Host Connect
- The addition of TCP/IP support enhances the networking capabilities of the Perle 594e. Using MPTN (multi-protocol transport networking) architecture (delivered as standard from OS/400 V3R1), you can standardize on TCP/IP across your corporate wide area network. TCP/IP support eliminates the need to bridge or route existing SNA traffic and dramatically reduces network complexity and operating costs.

Access up to 40 AS/400 Hosts Simultaneously
- Support for multi-session/multi-host configuration allows concurrent user sessions to be assigned directly from multiple AS/400 hosts to individual Twinax terminal users.This powerful feature can completely eliminate poor performance overhead associated with APPN-based solutions or the need to acquire shared addressing terminals. Once configured, concurrent active sessions can be accessed via a simple hot key sequence - even on single session Twinax terminals.

Software Download Lets You Manage the Perle 594e From Anywhere on the Network
- Perle's PC Utility program makes it easy for you to distribute Perle 594e software since it can be downloaded from any PC located on the network to any Perle 594e on the network.

Expand Your Bandwidth Cost-Effectively, Whenever You Want
- For your bandwidth-intensive applications, you'll want higher speed Fast Ethernet connections. The Perle 594e supports both 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet letting you migrate to 100 Mbps whenever you want, without additional cost or administration problems.

594e Integrated IP Routing Component

The integrated IP routing component on the Perle 594e allows you to route IP traffic from the remote branch office onto the corporate WAN using Frame Relay protocol, eliminating the need for additional IP routers or FRADs.This provides the flexibility for IP-based devices, such as PCs, Network Computers (NCs), etc., attached to the Perle 594e to connect to IP resources across the corporate network. The Perle 594e also supports IP over Twinax, protecting your investment in Twinax cabling at remote sites. Twinax connected IP-based devices such as PCs (with IP over Twinax enabled emulation boards) and Twinax attached NCs can connect to the Perle 594e Twinax ports and then deploy standard TCP/IP protocol to access corporate IP resources. This includes access to AS/400s, Lotus Notes servers, Windows application servers, UNIX and S/390 hosts, as well as, the Internet and corporate intranets and extranets.

NC Boot Server Component

The Perle 594e is the only Network Controller available today that provides you with a single vendor solution for integrated Proxy Boot Server to deliver start-up applications to LAN or Twinax-based Network Computers at remote sites that are connected to the 594e. Typically, NCs at the host site get their start-up applications from an AS/400 or other LAN server
functioning as a Boot Server. However, it is not practical to download start-up applications over the corporate WAN to NCs installed at remote sites. The alternative is to deploy a separate stand-alone Boot Server with storage and file transfer capabilities at each site or to deploy NCs that have storage capacity for start-up applications. Both these alternatives costly and cumbersome to implement and maintain. Using the Perle 594e, with integrated NC Proxy Boot Server start-up applications can be delivered to NCs via the remote LAN or Twinax line at full LAN or Twinax transmission speeds.The 594e provides an a practical, integrated solution that simplifies installation and management and reduces WAN traffic and overall networking costs.