Perle 394 Controller


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PERLE 394 Series

The Perle 394 Series of Remote Controllers are advanced IBM 5394 compatible workstation controllers for remote or local attachment to IBM AS/400 and S/3x hosts. These easy-to-use controllers provide the functionality available on the IBM 5394 plus many added value features and optional expandability - all at a great price.

All the connectivity options are standard RS-232, V.35 and X.21 interfaces all come as standard for support of both analog and digital host communications via SDLC or X.25. Host communications speeds of up to 64Kbps are supported on all models (up to 19.2Kbps on RS-232 and up to 64Kbps on V.35 or X21).

On top of truly exceptional compatibility, Client Access/400, Office Vision/400, PC Support/36-38 and DisplayWrite/36 are all fully supported, ensuring maximum user productivity in current AS/400 or S/3x environments.

The Perle 394 series offers three different models, each one is designed to meet your specific connectivity requirements.

Perle 394T Entry Level Twinax Remote Controller

This controller is designed for the smaller remote site requiring the connection of 8 twinax users or less.

Perle 394TX Expandable Twinax Remote Controller

This controller is designed for sites with 16 to 48 twinax users. The controller is field-expandable with expansion slots for up to three 16 device controller cards.

Perle 394E Expandable Twinax/ASCII Remote Controller

This controller is designed for sites requiring greater or more flexible expansion. It allows for both twinax expansion and ASCII dial-up capabilities. The unit is field expandable with five controller card expansion slots. The controller supports 8 to 80 users. You are allowed to use any combination of 8 or 16 device twinax or 4 port ASCII controller cards.

Flexible set-up and configuration

Configuring a Perle 394 controller couldn't be easier. Users can choose between the familiar IBM style to set up or use the Perle custom configurator. The Perle configurator allows multiple sessions to be assigned to single session terminals. These are then accessible through a simple hot-key sequence.

Built for the global marketplace

All models are available in 6 fully localized versions for the global marketplace - English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish

ASCII Controller Card

The ASCII controller card for the Perle 394E allows desktop PCs, notebooks and ASCII terminals and printers both dial-in and direct-connection to the controller to access remote host applications. The ASCII card provides remote AS/400 connectivity for low cost ASCII terminals and printers. For PC users, the ASCII card eliminates the need for an emulation card in the PC.