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Argecy help take my notary business to the next level. From machine acquisition to accessory’s and shipping; it was a 5 star experience.
      28 September 2023 15:18:33

5 star service! Thanks for the great service
      04 August 2023 17:12:24

Excellent one day shipping on the order. David provided great support before and after I received the part. I highly recommend Argecy!!
      31 May 2023 13:47:50

David Mendelson is not only very professional and knowledgeable but also very quick.
      31 August 2022 10:56:37

David was a great help!
      16 August 2022 16:11:13

Dave was extremely helpful and took a lot of time to determine that my factory manual was in error! He identified he correct OKI printer part that I needed and I have it installed and running just two days later. Thanks Dave!
      13 August 2022 12:45:05

I am impressed with level of knowledge, service, quality, and support. I was able to contact Argecy by phone and e-mail, and get the answers expeditiously and to the point. David described my options along with their pros and cons, so that I was able to make an informed decision. Moreover, David went an extra mile, and provided instructions how to pinpoint the broken part (and avoid ordering the parts that are still in good order). In addition, David changed the cross border courier (to Canada) to minimize extra fees. Amazingly, the part arrived within 3 days, I installed it, and got the laser printer back in order. As a customer, I have been feeling that David has my back if anything go wrong. Nowadays, it is rare to find.
      01 August 2022 15:57:04

Words can hardly express how glad I am to have stumbled onto Argency! I have been attempting to get a replacement doit matrix printer, since OkiData is now defunct from the pandemic. Honestly it has been months trying to find a replacement my client bought an Epson & I could not believe the only way to change from Epson to IBM emulation is via the application. The app in use is 100% custom when I RTFM how to do it the directions stated to call Epson support. The agent I spoke with could not even tell me if they have a model that I could change on the printer itself. I have only dealt with possible 3-5 vendors so knowledgeable & willing to spend their time when there may not even be a sale to be made. If Argency has anything you need I highly recommend rewarding them with your business. Sadly, it is a rare thing to find vendors that care & are kind enough to give their time & expertise without strings attached. Dave is the man!
      07 April 2022 17:24:46

This is the place to call! Dave is very helpful!
      13 December 2021 12:21:34

He went above and beyond his service. Rare to find!
      19 November 2021 11:58:17

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