Concert Series

  Concert Series 

IDEA Concert Series
IDEA Series Concert provides host access and PC LAN internetworking solutions for IBM Mainframe, Midrange, UNIX and Digital VAX environments.

Whether you need traditional terminal-to-host communications, or a coherent migration path for integrating SNA and PC LAN internetworks, IDEA Series Concert provides an advanced, cost-effective connectivity solution. IDEA Series Concert's reach extends from fully featured mainframe or midrange controller functionality to TCP/IP Gateway applications for SNA hosts and RFC 1490-based, multi-protocol Frame Relay internetworking.

  • Single platform support for up to 128 coax, 112 twinax or 32 Async ASCII devices.
  • Multiple, concurrent sessions with mixed hosts (Mainframe, AS/400, Sys/3X, UNIX, DEC VAX).
  • Efficient host access from TCP/IP and Novell LAN environments.
  • Integrated multi-protocol Bridge/Routing with PPP, X.25 and Frame Relay (RFC 1490).
  • 5494 type PC Support Gateway for up to 240 Token Ring or 80 Ethernet users.
  • Support for Async ASCII devices and PC Dial-in.
Crossover for Mixed Hosts
Flexible Networking Configurations
Integrated Bridge/Router and Gateway Options
TCP/IP Applications
Configuration and Network Management
5X94-Type Support for Midrange Enterprises
PC Support Gateway
Multi-Session, Multi-Host Support
Remote PC Dial-in/ASCII Support
IDEA Series Concert Features
IDEA Series Concert Specifications

Crossover for Mixed Hosts
IDEA Series Concert's innovative crossover feature makes it possible to access multiple hosts (S/390, AS/400, Sys/3X, UNIX, VAX) concurrently from a single desktop, protecting investments in fixed-function displays and printers. Crossover remaps 3270 or 5250 keyboard layouts and display attributes to the native host environment (5250, 3270 or VT), by session, without the need for additional host resources or external protocol conversion hardware. Also, the ability to support mixed device types (coax, twinax, serial async) in a single platform makes IDEA Series Concert a unique and ideal choice for mixed-host enterprises supporting multiple protocols.

Flexible Networking Configurations
IDEA Series Concert supports up to 128 coax, 112 twinax or 32 Async ASCII devices and is compatible with a wide range of communication protocols including Local SNA Channel I/O, SNA/SDLC, X.25, LLC2 (802.2 T2), TCP/IP, Novell SPX/IPX, Digital LAT, APPN "Passthrough", PPP and Frame Relay (RFC 1490). A modular design ensures easy, in-the-field upgrades as the environment changes over time.

Integrated Bridge/Router and Gateway Options
IDEA Series Concert provides a straightforward upgrade path to internetworking (Frame Relay, PPP) with the industry's first integrated multi-protocol Bridge/Router for SNA, TCP/IP and SPX/IPX, the industry's most prevalent protocols. IDEA Series Concert also supports concurrent gateway and downstream node configurations for Token Ring and Ethernet LANs. Supporting up to 512 PUs (Physical Units) and thousands of DSPUs (DownStream PUS), IDEA Series Concert's PU Concentration and PU pooling feature reduce host overhead and network traffic associated with session distribution in LAN gateway environments.

TCP/IP Applications
To support interoperability with "open systems" environments, IDEA Series Concert offers TCP/IP Gateway features - TN3270/TN5250 Server and Telnet Async Server, which provide non-SNA desktop devices (PCs, Macs, and ASCII workstations) with SNA host access. While TN3270 and TN5250 Server uses SNA datastreams encapsulated in TCP/IP, Telnet Async Server uses standard ASCII datastreams.

Configuration and Network Management
IDEA Series Concert offers network managers several configuration and management options. A PC-based configuration utility is used for distributing configuration diskettes to remote sites. For larger, multi-site environments, IDEA Series's Central Site Management (CSM) software is available as an optional feature. CSM is a Windows-based software package which can be used to distribute software releases, patches and configuration files electronically over SNA/APPN and TCP/IP, or out-of-band over a serial interface (dial-up or direct). It allows for data files such as memory dumps, traces and event logs to be downloaded over the network. For collection of network and operational statistics, IDEA Series Concert is compatible with Netview and SNMP management platforms.

5X94-Type Support for Midrange Enterprises
IDEA Series Concert provides 5294/5394/5494 type connectivity solutions for remote (SDLC, X.25) or local applications supporting twinax terminals and printers, twinax connected PCs, and PC LANs. Using the Crossover feature, this also applies to coax and async devices. IDEA Series Concert's range extends from simple, easy to install models using Twinax Auto-Sensing to high performance, flexible internetworking configurations. Sys/3X and AS/400 hosts can be supported simultaneously for twinax devices connected to 3-port and 4-port twinax adapter.

PC Support Gateway
IDEA Series Concert allows Token Ring and Ethernet attached PCs running AS/400 PC Support or Client Access applications to communicate with the AS/400 in native SNA LU6.2 format, thus reducing host and controller overhead. Host access is allowed using SDLC, X.25, Token Ring or Ethernet connections.

Multi-Session, Multi-Host Support
The multiple logical session feature on IDEA Series Concert provides multiple sessions without requiring additional device addresses. This feature allows even single session twinax (and coax) terminals to support multiple sessions. These sessions can be on single or multiple hosts, either directly connected to IDEA Series Concert or accessible through a LAN/WAN. Display station passthrough or APPN functionality isnot required on the AS/400 host to use IDEA Series Concert's exclusive multi-host feature.

Remote PC Dial-In/ASCII Support
Mobile users who need to access remote AS/400s or Sys/3Xs can dial in to their local IDEA Series Concert using any VT100-type emulation. IDEA Series Concert, configured as a 5294, 5394 or 5494, can also support directly attached async ASCII devices.

IDEA Series Concert Features

IDEA Series Concert Feature SummaryModels

Host SupportMainframe


TCP/IP Hosts

Networking OptionsSDLC/X.25

Frame Relay

Integrated Bridge/Router

Gateway Support

Device Support3270 Coax
5250 Twinax
VT Async
Session Support3270
TN3270 Server
TN5250 Server
Telnet Server
APPC DevicesToken Ring


IDEA Series Concert Specifications

Hardware Options:
Coax Device Adapter (4 base ports)
Twinax Device Adapter (16 or 28 ports)
Token Ring or Ethernet LAN Adapter
Synchronous Host Link Adapter
Asynchronous Device Adapter
Multi-protocol Bridge/Router Adapter
4MB Memory Upgrade
HD or 1.44MB FD Upgrade
Coax Multiplexers (8, 16, 32 ports)

Software Features:
3270 Crossover
5250 Crossover
SNA over Ethernet (802.2 T2)
SNA Datastream Manager (SNA over SPX/IPX, TCP/IP)
Telnet Client (up to 128 sessions)

BRouter (includes SNA Datastream Manager)
Central Site Management (CSM)
TN3270 Server / TN5250 Server (32, 64, 128, 500 sessions)
Telnet Async Server (32, 64 sessions)
DEC LAT Terminal Server/Gateway
Split Screen for 3270 CUT Terminals

Communication Protocols:
Local SNA Channel I/O (up to 4.5M Bytes datastreaming)
X.25 Qllc, PSH
Frame Relay, RFC 1490
Token Ring IEEE 802.2 over 802.5
Ethernet IEEE 802.2 over 802.3
Digital Equipment Corp. LAT
Novell SPX/IPX

SNA Definitions:
LU 0,1,2,3,4,6.2(passthru),7
PU 1,2.0,2.1

Regulatory Approvals:
UL, TUV, CSA, FCC A, Vfg.243/1991
CE Compliant

Physical Interfaces:
Token Ring
Twisted Pair RJ45
Coax RG62A/U

Dimensions and Weight:
7.3lbs. (2.9kg)
10300: Height: 4.25in. (10.8cm) Width: 13.75in. (35.0cm) Depth: 16.5in. (42.0cm) Weight: 25lbs. (11.4kg)
10700: Height: 9.5in. (24.1cm) Width: 17.5in. (44.5cm) Depth: 15.8in. (40.1cm) Weight: 38lbs. (17.3kg)

Power and Environmental:
Power Requirements: 120V or 220/240V
10300: 3A@115V, 1.5A@230V, 170Watts
10700: 5A@115V, 3A@230V, 225 Watts
Voltage: 115V+10%/230V+10%
Frequency: 60+2Hz/50+2Hz
Circuit Breaker: 15A
Power Receptacle: 3 Wire Grounded
Temperature - Operating: 41F to 104F (5C to 40C)
Temperature - Storage: -40F to 160F (-40C to 71C)
Humidity - Operating: 10 to 85% non-condensing
Humidity - Storage: 5 to 95% non-condensing
Altitude- Operating: 10,000 ft. (3,000m.)
Altitude- Storage: 40,000 ft. (12,200m.)
Heat Dissipation: (Approximate Maximum)
10300: 580 BTU/Hour, .170KVA
10700: 768 BTU/Hour, .0225KVA