I-O 8494 Controller


8494I-O 8494 Remote Controller

The I-O 8494 Remote Controller offers a variety of configuration options that provide both LAN and twinax connectivity to IBM midrange hosts.

As a LAN device, the I-O 8494 excels by providing the means to connect legacy twinax devices such as IPDS and SCS printers and non-programmable display stations, to an AS/400 through either an ethernet or token-ring LAN/WAN. Investment in legacy twinax devices is protected by extending their useful life in this manner. Gateway configurations support either ethernet or token-ring LAN access to the AS/400, along with any combination of up to 84 twinax devices. Other LAN features include cross topology and Back-to-Back LAN connectivity.

Twinax applications benefit from the I-O 8494's capability to emulate, simultaneously if desired, IBM's 5494, 5394 and 5294 remote controllers. It offers support for many IBM functions such as auto-configuration or auto-device recognition, SNA/SDLC or X.25 communications protocol, V.35, V.24, or X.21 interfaces, and IPDS and SCS printers. The I-O 8494 also offers support for Client Access/400, PC Support, OfficeVision/400, TextManager/38, DisplayWrite/36, Type Ahead, Copy-to-Print, and more. Enhanced features include the ability to scale twinax device support from 8 to 84 devices in increments of 8 or 14. And, the diskette-based software with transferable configuration data allows simple, hassle-free upgrades.

With LAN and twinax support, versatility, and modularity all in one easy user-upgradable package, the I-O 8494 Remote Controller is indeed the One Model Solution.

EIA 232D/V.24, V.35, and X.21
Token-ring or Ethernet LAN connectivity, Modem eliminator cable for local connection
115 VAC, 60 Hz, 6.0 amp; 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 3.5 amp; 200 Watts
Temperature: +40 to 115 F
(+5 to 45 C) Relative humidity: 20% to 80%. Optimum: 70 +/- 15F (24 +/- 8 C)

IBM Compatibility
IBM 5494, 5394, and 5294 compatible. No changes to your present system configuration.

Support Ethernet or Token-Ring
Provides gateway connectivity for up to 80 LAN attached devices.

Upstream LAN/WAN
Allows connectivity of twinax devices to an Ethernet or Token-Ring LAN/WAN that is connected to an AS/400.

Supports up to 84 twinax devices
Economical remote controller that grows with your needs in increments of 8 or 14 devices.

Customer field upgradable
Upgrades are performed within minutes by installing additional feature cards (twinax, Token-Ring, Ethernet, X.25) and diskette-based software.

Two or three twinax ports per emulated controller
Configurable for use of four ports in IBM 5494 emulation mode, which eliminates recabling in most existing controller sites.

Automatic configuration with copy feature
Auto-configuration, auto-device recognition configuration via stand-alone PC or PS/2. Diskette-based software and transferable configuration data makes upgrades simple.

Internal modem eliminator
Provides local connectivity in SNA/SDLC mode without a modem or transmitting facility. Offers expansion capabilities for a fully maximized host.

Comprehensive diagnostics
Simple problem resolution via LEDs on the front panel, communications interface card, and installed twinax cards.