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    4230 Ethernet Conversion Kit


    ACC 4230 Conversion Kit Family

    4230-6xx Internal Printer upgrade kit with full IPDS support
    Kit allows existing, legacy IBM 4230 printers to function correctly in Ethernet TCP/IP networks as a network addressable ASCII, 3270, or 5250 device. Quick and easy installation, allows these highly durable printers to work seamlessly with your current Ethernet network. Fully field tested. These printers can be connected to Ethernet TCP/IP via 10/100.

    Retrofit for direct ethernet connection. Unit is direct replacement for IBM coax (3270) or twinax (5250), attachment cards. Full DHCP support. Full IPDS passthrough. Full HP JetAdmin support. Requires no external power. Your printer will have an RJ jack for direct ethernet connection.

    Converts all these IBM 4230 dot-matrix printers:
    Twinax 4230-101, 4230-1i1, 4230-1s2, 4230-102
    Coax: 4230-201, 4230-2i1, 4230-2s2, 4230-202

    ACC 4230-6XX Internal Ethernet conversion
    ACC 4230-6xx (New)

    ACC-6xe External printer upgrade kit with full IPDS support
    Direct ethernet connection. Full DHCP support. Full HP JetAdmin support. 110v/220v universal direct power connection. Sturdy metal case. Rackable and stackable. All equipment retains maintenance qualification.

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