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    IBM 3476 Terminal


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    1394193 IBM Enhanced Keyboard (102-Key)
    Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

    1394308 122 Keyboard for 3476/3477
    Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

    1395661 122-Key Keyboard
    Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

    1394167 122-Key Typewriter Keyboard
    Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

    1394620 122-Key Data Entry Keyboard 3476
    Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

    1395666 102-Key Keyboard
    Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

    09F4215 Y-connector for 3476/3477 terminals (DB15M/Twinax)
    Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

    23F3794 Y-Connector for 3476/3477 Terminal
    Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

    The InfoWindow* series 3476 is a 14-inch, flat screen, smudge-resistant, monochrome monitor that attaches to the IBM System/36, IBM System/38 and IBM AS/400 processors. The IBM 3476 14-inch monitor has an actual viewable screen size of 11.4 inches when measured diagonally. The IBM 3476 attaches remotely to these processors via the appropriate IBM 5294 or 5394 Remote Control Unit.

    Model Abstract 3476-A10

    The InfoWindow* 3476 Model A10 offers an Amber-Gold monitor with a 122-key keyboard.


    • Ergonomic features:
      • 21 percent larger screen, 13 percent larger characters
      • Amber-gold or green screen
      • Compact aesthetic two element design.

    • Improved Ease of Use functions - Menu Setup, Record/Play/Pause

    • Improved front-of-screen with Dot Width Adjustment


    User Productivity:

    The IBM InfoWindow 3476 is a new generation of display stations that can be used with the System/36, System/38, and AS/400 processors for entering, editing and displaying alphanumeric data.

    The InfoWindow 3476 is a high-quality, 14-inch amber-gold or green monochrome display station with improved ergonomics and function. The IBM 3476 14-inch monitor has an actual viewable screen size of 11.4 inches when measured diagonally. The user has the option of the standard front-of-screen character brightness, or the choice between two dot widths (horizontal dimensions) for brighter characters, made possible with the Dot Width Adjustment function.

    Investment Protection:

    The InfoWindow 3476 Model B is compatible with the IBM 5291 or 3196. Application programs written for the these products operate on the InfoWindow 3476 display, which displays up to 1,920 characters (24 lines of 80 characters each) and an operator information area.

    The InfoWindow 3476 may be attached locally to the System/36, System/38 or AS/400, or remotely through the IBM 5294 or IBM 5394 Remote Controller.

    The IBM 3476 has an etched screen that minimizes glare and is resistant to fingerprints. The low-profile typewriter-style keyboards, with adjustable slope and 24 application-assigned Command functions, provide input and control flexibility. A keylock is standard with a total of 100 possible key combinations. Record/Play/Pause allows the operator to store up to 1,500 keystrokes for later playback.

    General Product Description:

    • Setup function allows the operator to control alarm and clicker volume, modify cursor, turn Auto-Dim on/off, and others.

    • Record/Play/Pause function allows the operator to store up to 1,500 keystrokes for later playback.

    • Audible Alarm, Auto-Dim and Security Keylock are standard. Security key is removable in both LOCK and UNLOCK positions.

    • Low-profile keyboards provide 2 angles of inclination (6 or 12 degrees) are equipped with coiled cable.

    • Screen Characteristics:
      • 14-inch monochrome (Amber-Gold or Green) display provides a bright, steady presentation of viewable area and picture elements. The IBM 3476 14-inch monitor has an actual viewable screen size of 11.4 inches when measured diagonally.
      • 24 Lines of 80 characters
      • Viewable area is 235 x 170 mm
      • 720 x 402 Picture Elements
      • Character Box 9 x 16
      • Character Matrix 7 x 11
      • Character Height 3.39 mm
      • Character Width 1.96 mm
      • Etched, enhanced contrast CRT screen designed to reduce light reflections and fingerprint smudges to produce high-quality, high-resolution output.

    • Video tilt/swivel stand, which is standard, enables the display to be individually positioned. The stand provides 19.4 degrees of tilt (plus 15 degrees to minus 4.4 degrees) and 180 degrees of swivel (plus or minus 90 degrees from the center position).

    • Through the use of error indicators, off-line tests and the "IBM InfoWindow 3476 User's Guide", the customer may isolate a failing element for repair or replacement.

    Model Description 3476-A10
    The 3476 model A10 has a EMF, ESF and Conductive Space Bar and provides all the capabilities of the IBM InfoWindow* 3476 Model A1, A2, B1 and B2.


    Model Summary Matrix

                                                    Number of
                 Monitor                  Screen    Displayed
    Models        Color       Keyboard     Size     Characters
    ------      ----------    --------    ------    ----------
     A10         Green         122-key       14"        1920
     B10       Amber-Gold      122-key       14"        1920   
    The IBM 3476 14-inch monitor has an actual viewable screen size of
    11.4 inches when measured diagonally.



    Customer Setup (CSU)

    Machine and specify features are customer set up. CSU publications will be in English or National Language.

    >Devices Supported

    Not available.

    Model Conversions


    National Language Support

    The IBM 3476 supports U.S. English and the National Languages for Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Swiss French, Swiss German, U.K. English, Arabic, Hebrew, Icelandic, Greek, Turkish, Yugoslav, Latin 2/ROECE, Cyrillic, Canadian French, Japanese Katakana, Portuguese, and Latin American Spanish.

    Power ratings and line cord:

    Power - 40 watts, 100-250V AC, 1-phase, 3-wire, 50Hz/60Hz

    100-250V 50/60 Hz, (100-127 50/60 Hz for Saudi Arabia)

    2.8 Meter (9.0 foot) line cord with non-locking is available as standard.

    Technical Description

    Physical Specifications

    • Monitor
      • Width: 333mm (13.1 inches)
      • Depth: 324mm (12.8 inches)
      • Height: 360mm (14.2 inches)
      • Weight: 9.5kg (20.9 lbs)

    • 122-Key Typewriter Keyboard
      • Width: 533mm (20.9 inches)
      • Depth: 215mm (8.5 inches)
      • Height: 64mm (2.5 inches) (Home Row: 30mm)
      • Weight: 2.5kg (5.5 lbs)

    • IBM Enhanced Keyboard
      • Width: 488mm (19.2 inches)
      • Depth: 210mm (8.3 inches)
      • Height: 40mm (1.6 inches) (Home Row: 30mm)
      • Weight: 2.3kg (5.0 lbs)

    Operating Environment

    • Temperature: 10 to 40.6C (50 to 105F)
    • Relative Humidity: 8 to 80 (percent)
    • Wet Bulb: 26.7C (80F)


    The following are not available:

    • RPQs
    Except for language.
    • Video output
    • A printer port
    • Bar Code Slot Reader
    • Reverse Image Key

    Also see "Prerequisites" under "Machine Requirements."

    Hardware Requirements

    It also attaches remotely to these systems via an IBM 5294 or 5394. Attachment is by the same type of cable as is used to attach an IBM 3196, 3179-2, 3180-2, 3197, and other IBM 5250 Information Display System devices.


    The IBM 3476 attaches to the IBM S/36, S/38, AS/400 or remotely to the IBM 5294 or 5394 Remote Control Unit via IBM Cabling System, twinaxial cable, IBM shielded Twisted Pair or equivalent. To attach the IBM 3476 to the IBM S/38, the WSCE (Workstation Controller Extended) is required. To attach the 3476 to the IBM AS/400, a twinaxial WSCC (Workstation Controller Card) is required for local attachment.

    The AS/400 has integrated language support and does not require RPQs.

    Some languages require System or Remote Control Unit RPQs when attaching to the S/36 or S/38. For release level and further system information, refer to the following RPQs:

    LANGUAGE             5360      5362     5364   5381/82      5294
    Greek               8D0084    8D0249           8D0261      8D0133
    Turkish             8D0085    8D0215           8D0268      8D0134
    Icelandic           8D0083    8D0209           8D0267      8D0132
    Icelandic Multi-Nat 8D0083    8D0209           8D0267      8D0132
    Hebrew              8D0091    8D0206   P84118  8D0148      8D0129
    Arabic X/Basic      8D0190    8D0208   P84121  8D0191      8D0131
    Yugoslav            8D0087    8D0210           8D0269      8D0136
    Yugoslav Multi-Nat  8D0087    8D0210           8D0287      8D0136
    Cyrillic              --      8D0233             --        ------
    Latin 2/ROECE       8D0061    8D0212             --        -----
    LANGUAGE             5363
    Greek               P84147
    Icelandic           P84148
    Icelandic Multi-Nat P84148
    Hebrew              P84149
    Arabic X/Basic      P84150
    Cyrillic            P84148
    Latin 2/ROECE       P84148

    Software Requirements

    The IBM 3476 is supported, like the IBM 3196, by the current S/36 Release 5, S/38 Release 8 and AS/400 Release 1.0 It is also supported by IBM application programs such as MAPICS, DMAS, CMAS, Query/36, DisplayWrite/36, and AS/400 Word Processing and Data Processing applications.

    Programming support or feature prerequisites are:

    • S/36: Release 5.0 or higher
    • S/38: Release 8.0 or higher
    • AS/400: Release 1.0 or higher
    • 5294: and appropriate above release.
    • 5394: Release 1.0

    See "Limitations".

    Electronic Customer Support



    The following publications are shipped with the product. Additional copies are available. The "IBM 3476 User's Guide" includes the Setup Instructions and Problem Solving Guide.

    • IBM 3476 Display Station User's Guide:
      • GB11-7798 Belgian Dutch
      • GB11-6598 Belgian French
      • G511-2195 Danish
      • GA14-5716 Dutch
      • GB11-7389 Finnish
      • GA11-0876 French
      • GA12-3070 German
      • GA13-1519 Italian
      • GA15-4116 Norwegian
      • GA14-2792 Swedish
      • GU21-8043 UK English
      • GA18-2954 US English (EMEA)

    • Connecting the IBM 3476 Display Station to the System/36, System/38, and AS/400
      • GB11-7799 Belgian Dutch
      • GB11-6599 Belgian French
      • GA14-5717 Dutch
      • GA11-0877 French
      • GA12-3071 German
      • GA13-1520 Italian
      • GU21-8044 UK English
      • GA18-2957 US English

    The publications are available from Europe Publications Center, Copenhagen, Denmark.

    For a current list of publications, refer to the appropriate publications option on your respective HONE system, or contact your IBM representative.

    Features -- Special/Specify/Exchange

    Special Feature Codes -- Chargeable


    No Charge Specify Codes

    No specify code is required to order the default option.

    Feature Exchanges



    Clear Lens Keycaps (60) Paper Insert (60/60) & Tool (1A/G) 6341707
    Paper Inserts (150/150) (1A/G)                             6341704
    Spare Key Blanks (10) (8xx)                                81X5968
    Blank Sticky Labels                                        23F1809
    Blank Keycaps (Light) and Removal Tool (1A/G)              1351710
    Blank Keycaps (Dark) and Removal Tool (1A/G)               1351728
    Keycap Removal Tools (6)                                   1351717
    Overlays Blank   (10)                                      6341703
    Overlays Blank   (10)                                      6238058
    Note (1A)-122 Typewriter Keyboard
         (G) -IBM Enhanced Keyboard

    Customer Replacement Parts


    Machine Elements

     Description                                       P/N Ref.
     -------------                                     --------
    Auto Termination Unit                              23F3794
    Tilt/Swivel Stand                                  81X4450






    (R), (TM), * Trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.

    ** Company, product, or service name may be a trademark or service mark of others.

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