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    IBM 3268



    Call or email for price and availability

    Coax only
    Pedestal base.
    Front to back feed.
    Very reliable printer.

    Parts, printheads, ribbons available.

    A high quality dot matrix impact printer for local or remote attachment. The 3268 consists of control functions, printer and indicator lights in one integrally designed pedestal unit. This durable, work horse printer operates in either 3270 mode (BSC or SNA LU3) or SCS (SNA LU1) mode.

    -100% Duty Cycle printing
    -132 Print positions are standard
    -Spacing is 10cpi and 16.7cpi
    -Vertical spacing is 3,4,6, and 8 lines per inch.
    -APL Text, Dual Case operation, Audible alarm, and cancel print are provided as standard
    -Continuous forms, up to six-parts, are fed by a forms tractor which accepts forms up to 16 inches wide.

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