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    CLI ET6500x Thin Client


    ET6500 Thin Client Series

    ET6500x - Flexible, DUAL-Video ready, highest-performance terminal includes industry-standard Microsoft XPEmbedded operating system, with the latest Windows technologies; Microsoft RDP and Citrix ICA protocol to access Windows applications and for VDI access; multiple terminal emulations to access mainframe, midrange, UNIX, and other legacy applications; Internet Explorer browser to access Web-based applications, with Windows Media Player for multimedia and Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (JVM); support for the full Win32 API, as well as Windows XP Professional device drivers and development tools, and many third-party device drivers, to facilitate rapid creation, integration and porting of local application.

    - - Integrated VGA and DVI video ports - No video splitter cable needed
    - - Small footprint and internal power supply to reduce clutter and ease installation and use
    - - Highest-performance CPU and multiple simultaneous session support provides increased speed and productivity
    - - Dual 10/100 BaseT Fast Ethernet, six USB, keyboard and mouse PS/2 ports, audio ports, Serial port provide the connectivity you need
    - - Sturdy metal enclosure, and no fan or other moving parts for quiet operation and high reliability
    - - Broad application compatibility and system integration, improving user productivity
    - - Seamless, centralized management with bundled CLI SNMP Administrator software, including remote shadowing and asset tracking to give administrators complete control of all CLI desktops, dramatically reducing support costs
    - - Special builds available via download such as Kiosk, .Net, Firefox, IE7, Sun Java JVM/JRE, MS Office Viewers and others
    - - Multiple imaging options including SNMP Adm management software, USB stick, FTP and HTTP
    - - Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than PCs or other computing products

    Hardware Specifications
    ModelET6500x (V2 model)

    - - Via C7 Eden 1.0GHz

    Flash memory
    - - 512MB, expandable to 2GBDRAM

    - - Dual Auto-sense 10/100BaseT twisted-pair Ethernet, RJ-45 connector, Wake-On-LAN
    - - Optional 802.11b/g adapter

    I/O ports
    - - Six Type A USB 2.0
    - - One serial DB-9 RS-232C up to 115.2K baud
    - - One PS/2 mini-DIN keyboard
    - - One PS/2 mini-DIN mouse

    - - One integrated DVI-D video port
    - - One integrated VGA video port
    - - Resolution up to 1920x1080 including Wide Screen support
    - - Up to 32-bit color (16.7 million colors + alpha channel)
    - - Up to 85 Hz refresh rate, flicker free

    - - Full 16 bit stereo FM synthesis, stereo line-out, line-in, 8-bit mini microphone line-in

    Physical specifications
    - - Dimensions: 2.4 in (W) x 8.9 in (D) x 9.5 in (H)
    - - Built-in Kensington Security Slot (Cable not included)
    - - Weight: 3.3 lb
    - - Metal enclosure Environment
    - - Operating temperature: 5C to 35C (41F to 95F), Storage temperature: -40C to 60C (-41F to 140F)
    - - Relative humidity: 20% to 80% non-condensing
    - - Power requirements: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, internal power supply
    - - Convection cooling, no fan

    Regulatory compliance
    - - FCC Class B
    - - UL
    - - CE Mark
    - - TÜ

    Software Specifications

    Local Operating System
    - - Microsoft Windows XP Embedded SP2RDP
    - - Microsoft RDP 5.5, including port redirect and session auto reconnection

    - - Citrix ICA 9 (ICA 10 available upon request)

    Terminal emulations
    - - IBM TN5250e, TN3270e, 3151
    - - DEC VT-100, VT-220, VT-320, VT-420, ANSI BBS, SCO Console
    - - Wyse WY-50, WY-60

    Web browser
    - - Internet Explorer 6, including Flash and Shockwave playback, Privacy enhancements and P3P support, Image Toolbar, Adobe PDF file viewer,MSJVM, Windows Media Player (IE7 available upon request)

    Email client
    - - Outlook Express

    Other features
    - - ThinPrint available via download
    - - Supports optional Castles Technology EZ100 external smart card reader via serial or USB
    - - Special builds available via download such as Kiosk, .Net, Firefox, IE7, Sun Java JVM/JRE, MS Office Viewers and others
    - - Customer installed local application support
    - - Multiple imaging options including SNMP Adm management software, USB stick, FTP and HTTP Enhanced printing capability
    - - LPD / LPR

    Remote configuration /management
    - - DHCP, SNMP, FTP
    - - CLI SNMP Administrator software, including configuration and image updates, shadowing, asset management

    Server Operating System compatibility / support
    - - Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Server, and Windows NT 4.0, Terminal Server Edition; Terminal Services
    - - Citrix Application Delivery Infrastructure, Access Suite - / Platform, MetaFrame, Presentation Server -, WinFrame, DDI
    - - VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
    - - UNIX, Linux- - IBM OS/400, i5/OS, OS/390, z/OS

    - - English (US and UK), Italian, French, Canadian French, Chinese, Austrian / German, Scandinavian, Spanish, Japanese / Kana, Korean

    Network file transfer protocols
    - - TCP/IP with DNS and PPP
    - - PXE
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