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    TBT-1000 Ethernet Terminal


    TBT-1000 Ethernet Terminal
    TBT-1000 with 122 keyboard (New)

    The TBT-1000 is the Ethernet terminal with a future. Optimized to work as a green screen terminal replacement, the TBT-1000 offers the features and flexibility of a thin client. Powered by a 1GHz processor and available with a wide assortment of legacy ports, this unit is both powerful and flexible.

    10ZiG's Fast Boot feature offers half the normal bootup time and with setup requiring no more than three entries, 5250 sessions are ready and working in no time with no mouse required.

    Benefits of the TBT-1000:

    • Industry standard OS (Linux 2.6 Kernel)
    • Fast boot for half the normal bootup time
    • Use with Windows Servers and embedded emulations simultaneously
    • Advanced emulation with 8 5250 sessions. Split Screen, Rule Cursor, macro support, multi host, GUI, 122-key keyboard support
    • External 802.11 b/g wireless ready
    • Wide screen support
    • Energy efficient
    • Wide assortment of legacy ports
    • 3 year advance exchange warranty standard

    View the chart below to see how the TBT-1000 compares to the ET2000.

    ET2000TBT-1000TBT-1000 Benefits
    # of 5250 Sessions
    48Twice as many
    # of Printer sessions
    15 Five times as many
    Can be used as Print ServerNoYesConnect Network printers to the iSeries
    Share printer with NetworkNoYesAllow other users to print from Windows
    122 Key KeyboardYesYes
    104 Key KeyboardYesYes
    Mouse supportNoYesHot spots can be defined for point and click.
    5250 GUI supportNoYesChange the look for green screen.
    Rule CursorYesYes
    Split Screen 5250NoYes Display two sessions either horizontal of vertical split
    Parallel PortYesYes
    Serial PortNoYesSupport for serial Printers
    USB Ports06Attach USB printers and other devices
    AudioNoYesAttach powered speakers for louder audio
    Wireless SupportNoYes*External Wireless B/G supported
    Keyboard MappingNoYesRe-define the 104 key keyboard
    Advanced Printing SetupYesYes
    Performance test # of Screens per minute131952Seven times faster performance for 5250
    Widescreen supportNoYesSave on monitor costs
    Windows Terminal Server supportNoYesUse Windows applications for enhanced productivity
    Citrix ICA supportNoYesUse Windows applications for enhanced productivity
    VDI support NoOptionalConnect to Virtual Desktops for the latest in centralized computing
    CasePlasticMetalMore substantial enclosure
    Relative sizeLargerSmallerTakes up less desk space

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